The Essential Masterclass for those who don't just want to be a Business Analyst, but a GREAT Business Analyst!

Some sample discussion topics will include...

  • Understanding Requirements

    Learn what a requirement is (and isn't), how to elicit and manage requirements, and how to separate true business needs from "nice to haves."

  • Better Facilitation!

    Know what facilitation is (and what it isn’t), understand that as a facilitator, you have NO control, NO Authority, NO decision-making power...yet you have great responsibility! learn how to encourage collaboration, and lead meetings and workshops to get your attendees to make decisions and get work done

  • Stakeholder Management

    Learn how to identify and engage stakeholders, and how to develop strategies to reduce conflict with challenging stakeholders, and bring them on-side with your project.

  • Process

    Understand what a process is, and the “levels” of business processes, and learn a structured approach to improve business processes for maximum productivity

  • Get Comfortable with Change

    Know what “change” means, and the impacts and reactions to change from an individual, team, and enterprise perspective. Use this to “know how” to enable and encourage change to take place, and how to navigate your organization through the change curve

  • Have more FUN!

    Articulate what “having fun at work” means, identify elements of work where you're already having fun, and how to change your approach to work that is WAAAYYY more fun!

What Learners Are Saying About the Modern Business Analyst Masterclass

Susan Mancini

5 star rating

“Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience, and allowing me the opportunity to expand my skills. I know the skills I’ve learned as a result will help my success moving forward. Jamie and Vince, this was truly an amazing course. ”

“Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience, and allowing me the opportunity to expand my skills. I know the skills I’ve learned as a result will help my success moving forward. Jamie and Vince, this was truly an amazing course. ”

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Deidra Thibault

5 star rating

“The course was engaging. I picked up some excellent tips!”

“The course was engaging. I picked up some excellent tips!”

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Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • A message from the instructors

    • Meet the Instructors

    • How to use this course

    • Join the Community on Discord

  2. 02
    • The Power of Visuals - 21 September 2021

    • Having More FUN! - 19 October 2021

    • Facilitation Techniques and Tactics - 16 November 2021

    • A Primer on Certifications - 21 December 2021

    • How I Started MY BA Career - 18 January 2022

    • Stakeholder Management, Techniques and Tactics - Feb 24 2022

    • The Consulting v. Company Business Analyst - Mar 15 2022

    • Levels of Business Analysis - Going Deep - April 19 2022

    • Levels of Business Analysis - Going Wide - May 24 2022

    • Building a Business Case for Training - June 21 2022

    • Building a Better Business Case - July 15 2022

    • To Tech, or Not to Tech...or, do you have to be a Tech BA? - Aug 16 2022

    • Ways to Grow Your Career - 22 Sept 2022

    • SWOT Your Career - 18 Oct 2022

    • Top Challenges for Business Analysts - 29 Nov 2022

    • Career Lessons Learned - 13 Dec 2022

    • The BA's New Year's Resolutions - 10 Jan 2023

    • Top Tech Things BAs Need to Know - 21 Feb 23

    • Top Non-Tech Things BAs Need to Know - 14 Mar 23

    • How to interview for BA Roles - 4 Apr 23

    • How to Find, and Work With, a Mentor - 25 May 23

    • How to BE a Mentor - 13 Jun 23

    • Favorite Tools and Techniques, Part 1 - 11 Jul 23

    • Favorite Tools and Techniques, Part 2 - 29 Aug 23

Go month to month, or pay for the whole's your call


  • How is the program being delivered?

    We'll be live streaming each month via Zoom. All 1 hour sessions will also be recorded for those that can't make it there live. Sessions will be held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4pm ET to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

  • What do I get with this program?

    Each session will include a live video, and access to experienced coaches practitioners who are happy to share their own experiences...good, bad, and ugly. They'll also attach any tools and templates discussed for download and use. You'll have access to all recordings and training materials as long as you're enrolled in the course.

  • What if I miss a class?

    No problem, and by the way, we totally get it. All sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session, you can always catch up before the next one. All session recordings will be in the "Session Library" section.


Working with clients across industries and sectors, Vincent empowers leaders and organizations to develop cultures of high process performance and continuous improvement. A founding member of the Love the Process Academy, host of "Analysts After Work," and co-host of the podcast, “Business (Not) As Usual”, Vincent is a highly sought after speaker and instructor in the areas of Business Process, Lean Six Sigma, and Operational Excellence. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and a trained facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials.

Vincent Mirabelli


Jamie is beyond her "passionate BA" title and truly embodies business analysis and adding value to those around her every day. An accomplished speaker, author, and trainer, she enjoys sharing with others ways to improve their analysis skillsets, unique ways to look at the world, and how to be more accomplished with measurable results. You can find her speaking around the world, both in-person and online, on topics on business analysis, process improvement, project and change management, and data analysis and governance. She is an accomplished author with her book Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis, 2nd edition, and published courses on LinkedIn and Pluralsight. When she's not collaborating with her business partners, you can find her collaborating with her friends and family on the Hawaiian waters on a surfboard.

Jamie Champagne